State of Maharashtra has been bestowed with the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats, The Deccan Peninsula along with
a long Coast Line. Representing these biogeographic zones, state has notified 46 protected areas. Out of these
6 are national parks, namely.

1. National Park
2. Pench National Park,
3. Tadoba National Park,
4. Chandoli National Park
5. Gugamal National Park and,
6. Sanjay Gandhi National Park .    
Rest 40 are the sanctuaries. There is only one marine sanctuary namely Malvan Marine Sanctuary representing the marine biodiversity. Only eight sanctuaries represents Western Ghats, while remaining protected areas represents The Deccan Peninsula. Total area covered under PA network is 8802.25 sq. km. which forms about 7.5% of total forest area.
Important Bird Areas in Maharashtra
                 There are six national parks and 41 wildlife sanctuaries and 1 protected area in the state. There are four tiger reserves, namely Melghat (Amaravati), Tadoba-Andhari (Chandrapur), Pench (Nagpur), and Sahaydri Kolhapur and Sangli) and Sanjay Gandhi, Gugaamal, Navagaon, Pench, Chandoli and Tadoba are the six national  parks. A total 8,994.95 sq. km comes under the PA network, amounting to 2.92% of the states geographical A total of 20 sites have been identified as Important Bird Areas, in which seven are wildlife sanctuaries;  two are national parks, three are Tiger Reserves and eight non-protected areas. The total area of the IBAs in the State is 12,86,581 ha. A1= Threatened species; A2 = Restricted Range species; A3= Biome species;
A4=Congregatory species
Sr. No  IBA Code  Name of IBA   Status Of IBA
1 IN-MH-01 Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary  A1, A2, A3 
2 IN-MH-02 Burnt Island Vengurla Rocks A  4iii 
3 IN-MH-03 Gangapur Dam And Grasslands  A1, A4i, A4iii 
4 IN-MH-04 INS Shivaji and Lonavala  A1, A2, A3 
5 IN-MH-05 Jaikwadi Wildlife Sanctuary  A1,A4i,A4iii,A4iv 
6 IN-MH-06 Jawaharlal Nehru Bustard Sanctuary A1 
7 IN-MH-07 Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary  A1,A3A1,A4i,A4iii 
8 IN-MH-08 Mahul Sewree Creek A1, A4i, A4iii 
9 IN-MH-09 Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary and Gugmal National Park  A1, A2, A3 
10 IN-MH-10 Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary  A1 
11 IN-MH-11 Nandur Madhmeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary  A1,A4i,A4ii,A4iii 
12 IN-MH-12 Nawegaon National Park  A1, A3 
13 IN-MH-13 Ozar And Adjoining Grassland  A1 
14 IN-MH-14 Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary  A1, A2, A3 
15 IN-MH-15 Sanjay Gandhi National Park  A1, A2, A3 
16 IN-MH-16 Tadoba National Park and Andhari Tiger Reserve  A1, A3 
17 IN-MH-17 Taloda Reserve Forest  A1, A2 
18 IN-MH-18 Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary  A1, A3 
19 IN-MH-19 Thane Creek  A1, A4i, A4iii 
20 IN-MH-20 Toranmal Reserve Forest  A1, A2 

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